A clear path toward environmental sustainability and social responsibility

Five global seafood certification and ratings programs working together to coordinate our tools and increase our impact so that more seafood producers move along a clear path toward environmental sustainability and social responsibility.
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Featured Project: Sustainable Seafood Data Tool

持续进展负责海鲜刺激188bet官网网址金博宝博彩uction requires an overall understanding of the engagement and performance of fisheries and aquaculture worldwide, as well as tools to help businesses, industry, and governments address specific challenges. TheSustainable Seafood Data Toolprovides a snapshot of how much global seafood is rated and certified, how much is in a public fishery improvement project, and how much is not yet on a path to sustainability or its status is unknown.

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How do certification and ratings work together?

When we started working together, we received feedback that the differences and similarities between certification and ratings programs were not well understood. In response, we developed a brief that clarifies our complementary roles and how we fit into responsible sourcing policies.

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Questions about the Seafood Certification & Ratings Collaboration? Please contact our Project Manager, Liane, atinfo@www.chikyuuminka.comor by using the form below.